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web shock


 Protech Adjustable Alloy Bodied Shocks

to suit 1.9" or 2.25" i.d. springs

1/2" spherical ends 

$520.00 pair     

   $995.00 set of four 

Models to suit Birkin  PRB  Arrow  Locost

 Double Adjustable Alloy Body

$900.00 pair

$1750.00 set of four

*If your project requires a custom designed shock, please contact us. We're happy to help out with one off orders*

 c spanner

 C - spanner to suit 1.9" or 2.25" perches

Make ride height changes easier



Autonova Competition Springs

Made in Europe for Redback Motorsport 

All springs are rate checked

2.25" i.d 7" free length (200 / 250 / 300lb)

2.25" i.d 8" free length (200 / 225 / 250lb)

2.25"i.d 9" free length (200lb)

1.90" i.d 7" free length (200 / 250 / 300lb)

1.90" i.d 8" free length (200 / 225 / 250lb) 

*If you need a custom spring maybe we can help*














20130130 101144



Black suede wheel


Made in Italy






270m suede wheel

270mm dia 








Girling Reservoir

Remote  reservoir 60mm dia 82mm tall

Threaded fittings


 Master cylinder

 Remote style & integral master cylinders

.625  .700  .750  diameter 

*Buy 3 and receive a 15% discount*


Copy of Tandem reservoir

Tandem reservoir with low level switch

Push on fittings


  Wrap guard compress

 Fibreglass Guards

Wrap-around style front

230mm edge to edge  $295.00 pair

Rear guards

285mm edge to edge $395.00 pair

Full set $650.00

 *black gelcoat only*

(50% deposit required on order

please allow 2 weeks delivery)

Traditional Mirror

Race Mirrors - Traditional style, flat glass

(110mm x 50mm)


F3 mirror

 Race Mirrors - F3 style 

flat glass


Web Racetech centre mirror

Race Mirror - Centre mount, convex or flat glass

(110mm x 50mm)

*Clubman owners, buy a set of three mirrors for $185.00


Rod end

                      Rod ends RHT or LHT - 1/2" x 1/2" 

                                    7/16" x 7/16" 



Escort rack.jpg

 Escort steering rack

Std 2.9 turns

Quick 2.4 turns



Rack mount.jpg  

Escort alloy rack mounts